JV2 Quick Gallery:

This is a fully integrated photo gallery - all in ONE file.

Main site: http://quickgallery.jv2.net
Download: http://quickgallery.jv2.net/Download/
Support: http://quickgallery.jv2.net/Forum/
Demo: http://quickgallery_demo.jv2.net/

JV2 Folder Gallery:

This is a php photo gallery developed by me which supports multi-level galleries without the use of any databases.

Main site: http://foldergallery.jv2.net
Download: http://foldergallery.jv2.net/Download/
Support: http://foldergallery.jv2.net/Forum/
Demo: http://demo.jv2.net/

Panorama Gallery:

This is a simple php panorama gallery which allows you to easily create 360 displays for your panorama photos.

Information: http://foldergallery.jv2.net/Panorama_Gallery/
Download: http://foldergallery.jv2.net/Download/
Support: http://foldergallery.jv2.net/forum/viewforum.php?id=9
Demo: http://panorama.jv2.net/

PHP Form Class

This class allows you to easily creates and process them - validation and checking included.

Information: http://scripts.jv2.net/form_class
Download: http://scripts.jv2.net/form_class/form_class.zip

PHP Form Functions

These functions allow you to easily create form elements.

Information: Blog/2007/php-form-functions/
Download: http://downloads.jv2.net/form_functions/form_functions.zip

PHP Paging Function

This function allows you to easily create paging links to browse through your resultset.

Information: Blog/2007/php-paging-function
Download: http://downloads.jv2.net/paging.zip

BASH script for creating Apache2 Virtual Hosts

This script allows you to easily create virtual hosts for Apache2 in linux (tested on Ubuntu)

Information: Blog/2007/script-to-create-virtual-host-in-apache2/
Download: http://downloads.jv2.net/createhost.zip